URL Structure Optimization for Search Engine Ranking

You must have read a lot of discussion or opinion regarding URL structure of your site or webpages . I have made in depth study and concluded as follow.

  • Do Not use extraneous characters in your URL. Use only readable URLs
  • Try to use Dashes instead of underscores
  • URL should contain 35 to 40 characters preferably and can be extended to 60 maximum
  • Do not use capital letters in URL
  • Do not stuff your URL with keywords Just add the appropriate keyword keeping in view usability.
  • Top Folder or sub folder in URL do not impact ranking.
  • Consider all about canonical URL

There are many more important on page optimization factor which are to be considered in addition to URL structure. However most important is quality back links and quality contents  . For making short url we have list of url shortner services



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