What is Backlink Removal And Penguin Recovery Service

First of all I will like to tell that it is concerned with Google  and websites. Search engine ranks in SERPs various websites or webpages on basis of their algorithm. Some website owners or webmaster or SEO try to manipulate the ranking factors to get there website or webpage rank higher in search engine results. Google and Bing are enough smart to find such website and penalize them. In some case it is not the mistake of site owner rather they higher a less experienced search marketing agency and land into such problem.

They need a bad backlink removal agency who can remove bad links and give there link profile a optimize look. Bad link removal service company are few in market. The most popular google penalty is Penguin and have have similarly devastating effects on your site’s traffic. Penguin penalty is imposed on the website which create unnatural links with exact anchor text.

Google Penguin Penalty Removal Service can help you in identifying bad links by doing link audit and removal and latter on filling disavow link with search engine. The various  type of penalty (Panda, Penguin, Manual Action, Malware) Submitshop can help to get out of these penalties




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