5 Top Blogger Outreach Agency in India

Most of blogger outreach or guest posting work comes to India. Indian are good in content writing and outreach. Well most of work is outreach for blog of UK, USA and Europe. Indian blogger outreach work is well taking care by following 5 Agencies

Indian blogger are increasing day by day and they are ready to connect there blog users with brand.


What is AMP? – Definition- Meaning

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

What is amp

It is common for every mobile users to wait for webpage to load on mobile device. Some time we get so frustrated that we stop browsing on mobile. Even in London where wi fi is at good speed still most of time you have wait for more than 10 second to load the pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is open source project to where webpage or content publisher can create a page which load fast in mobile device and help in saving time of users. Read Definition of AMP

What is Backlink Removal And Penguin Recovery Service

First of all I will like to tell that it is concerned with Google  and websites. Search engine ranks in SERPs various websites or webpages on basis of their algorithm. Some website owners or webmaster or SEO try to manipulate the ranking factors to get there website or webpage rank higher in search engine results. Google and Bing are enough smart to find such website and penalize them. In some case it is not the mistake of site owner rather they higher a less experienced search marketing agency and land into such problem.

They need a bad backlink removal agency who can remove bad links and give there link profile a optimize look. Bad link removal service company are few in market. The most popular google penalty is Penguin and have have similarly devastating effects on your site’s traffic. Penguin penalty is imposed on the website which create unnatural links with exact anchor text.

Google Penguin Penalty Removal Service can help you in identifying bad links by doing link audit and removal and latter on filling disavow link with search engine. The various  type of penalty (Panda, Penguin, Manual Action, Malware) Submitshop can help to get out of these penalties




10 SEO Tools Which Every SEO Company Will Like to Use

All SEO agencies use one or more search engine optimization tools to do there work. Most of the tools and paid and on monthly subscription which big agencies can affords. Here is the list of few free SEOtools which you will love to test and use.

SEO Tools
Free SEO Tools
  1. Bulk DA Checker – Free domain authority (DA) checker tool helps in checking the hundreds of websites DA and Page Rank (PR) just with one click. No sign up required.
  2. Open Multiple URL – Free Open Multiple URL a web tool which opens multiple websites or web pages in browser at once on one click. Fast Bulk URLs Opener open Multiple URLs Simultaneously.
  3. Check Moz – Free online tool to check moz metrics or scores like domain authority DA, page authority PA, moz rank and backlink domains. Bulk moz rank checker.
  4. Bulk Social CheckerBulk Social Checker is tool which aims to provide social counts of Facebook shares, likes, comments, Google Plus One Counts (PlusOnes), Twitter Tweets, Linkedin Shares, Delicious Bookmarks, Stumbleupon Views and Pinterest Pins by adding url one per line.  This tool support Url’s up to 10 at once.
  5. Alexa Rank Checker – Free alexa rank checker a tool to check websites traffic, trends and statistics for free. Check upto 100 URLs at a glance and export them to excel files.
  6. QR Maker QR maker is free online qr code generator to make your own qr codes. supports url, email, dynamic codes, tracking, analytics, free text, vcards and more
  7. Google Index Checker – Indexchecking.com is free tool for google index checking and it exports results to .xls file in one go to make work much easier. The most important feature of this tool is to check multiple websites simultaneously.
  8. The Plagiarism Checker – The Plagiarism Checker is free plagiarism tools online It find duplicate content. Useful for teachers, students and webmasters. Check Duplication Now.
  9. ip Checker Tool – Free online bulk ip lookup tool to find location of your public IP address. Help in finding ip address lookup, reverse ip lookup, rbl lookup and proxy lookup.
  10. Google Adsense Checker – Your website or domain is banned by Google adsense or not Just click and check your domain status. Free Google adsense banned checker tool

Credit For collection of tools Submit Shop and find more SEO tools

Too Many Low Quality Pages Can Hurt Your Ranking

There was a time in 2004 when people create doorway pages or too many pages to get traffic on various keywords but not the time changed. Search engines are tool smart to find such spammy and low quality contents. Such pages can hurt your SEO efforts.  Therefore always have few quality  content liked by yours on your site and avoid dead pages.

What are dead weight Pages

Dead weight pages can be defined as pages with duplicate and no value content . Few examples are as below

  • WordPress category, archive and tag pages
  • Outdated blog posts with no value
  • Low-quality blog posts
  • Ecommerce product pages with zero sales
  • Archive pages
  • Thin content/boilerplate content
  • Old services pages

Just remove them and enjoy your search engine ranking with better SEO strategies

Source http://www.contentwritingshop.co.uk/

Defining and Explanation About Alexa Rank Checking Tools

Alexa is one of the oldest and popular website traffic ranking tools widely used by webmasters, developers, bloggers , internet and digital marketers. Alexa Traffic Rank tools help in finding how popular a website is and its related links. You can find sites that are similar to the web site you are visiting. Continue reading Defining and Explanation About Alexa Rank Checking Tools

7 Things You Must Do in SEO 2016

While formulating a SEO strategy for 2016 you must take care of following

  1. Create an influencer who is a subject-matter expert
  2. Create Some Authority Content for users
  3. Develop a content-marketing strategy.
  4. Generate powerful authority backlinks to your website.
  5. Get your website mobile-ready.
  6. Move your website to HTTPS, a secure site.
  7. Add schema.org markup to your website.

You can study the most important ranking factor in 2016